Zion - Shirley's Loft - 2
Zion - Shirley's Loft - 1


Zion,which means “City of God,” is a lovely and light-hearted fluid painting that is a perfect blend of soft and bold imagery. A dazzling mixture of soothing colors including celestial blues, tones of gray, and glimmers of gold dust bring a sense of peace and serenity.  Zion is the perfect piece for areas of your home or business where you want to have a calming and relaxing ambiance: bedrooms, sitting rooms, or doctor’s/dentist’s waiting rooms, are just a few of the many possibilities.


A Word From Shirley:

The back story of Zion is perhaps its most compelling feature.  When I painted it, my beloved younger sister Shannon had just been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 breast cancer. I envisioned this painting would act as a reminder to all who see it to stay inspired, look forward to the future, and stay focused on the light, (God) for hope.  Shannon’s illness has elevated my art to a different level because every time I see her happy, warrior smile I am motivated and inspired to create beautiful expressions of our authentic world.


Each of my glass fluid art pieces is a one of a kind production.  They are all lovingly crafted on premium-quality Tuscany glass with smooth edges, much like table top glass. Fluid Art is specially designed to be displayed on any drywall and includes anchors and “stand-off” pegs to keep the glass stable against wall surfaces.  The pegs also allow ambient light to reflect through the art at different angles, slightly altering the visual effect as the illumination in the space changes throughout the day.