Meet The Artist

Abstract Art • Interior Design • Custom Furniture

Welcome to Shirley’s Loft… An artist and designer, I use acrylics, mica pigments, resin, and other materials to create free-flowing, original paintings for both living and working spaces. It all begins with a blank canvas. My emotions and experiences align with my God-given creativity, flow through my fingers, and onto the canvas; I rarely plan the colors and patterns prior to starting a new piece of art. A family affair, my talented husband hand makes each canvas and one of our four sons names the finished pieces.  

There is no lid on Shirley’s box! 

My creations are inspired by my designer’s eye, but also rooted within my deep Christian faith. I’m never sure what is next, what I’ll be called to create-- because I am truly called to use my artistic gifts to reach others, through urban Cleveland Art, African Art, Christian Art, and Contemporary Abstract Art. 

Art should never be limited to hanging on a wall.

Shirley’s Loft trades in everything from contemporary and abstract art to custom tables, doors, and a whole lot more. I’m an experienced interior staging specialist and interior designer—as well as an artist. Pairing my love for painting and talent for interior design, I transform spaces by adding color, personality, emotion and sophistication. Over the years, I’ve delighted in creating beautiful, inspired spaces for others.

What can I do for you?

Please browse the gallery, sit with my work, and click on photos for information on how to make an item your own.  And do contact me with any questions, I’m always happy to speak with Lofters!

Picturing something in your mind’s eye, but aren’t seeing it on my site?

No problem. Get in touch with me, and we’ll talk about commissioning your very own, one-of-a-kind piece from Shirley’s Loft.