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The Life Tree

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 The Life Tree is a romantic and whimsical depiction of a solitary tree whose branches and leaves extend bravely upwards toward the heavens above.  Creatively presented on a box that has been hand-fashioned from recycled wood, tree itself is painted subtle tones of teal and pale green, and has been set against an exciting backdrop of robust rust colored patina.  When you look upon this gorgeous statement piece, aptly named The Life Tree, you will have a spiritually profound revelation of its true meaning and significance. 

Urban Art pieces are painted on a two-inch-thick wooden box that has been expertly hand-crafted and will hang perfectly against any drywall or flat wall. In order to create the distinctive surface textures of the painting, I have perfected an innovative technique that is quite unique and creative. All Urban Art pieces are finished with a special no-sheen sealer and can be custom designed to your exact specifications, (including for exterior use).


 A Word From Shirley:

 Trees have always had a special place in my heart.  Call me a tree hugging hippie, I’ll take it!  It’s just that I find such wonder in trees.  Their seasonal cycles remind me about the cyclical nature of life itself.  Every time a tree blooms, I get excited by the concept that they are literally being “reborn” with thousands of new possible leaves.  Even thinking about it now puts a smile on my face!