MOROCCAN GOLD - Shirley's Loft - 2
MOROCCAN GOLD - Shirley's Loft - 1


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 The visually stimulating and abstract Moroccan Gold is a favorite fluid art piece, likely because of its varied and spicy color scheme.  The glimmering golds, the enchanting emerald greens, and the splashes of rusty burnt sienna attract the eye at every angle.


A Word From Shirley: 

When I first came up with the design for Moroccan Gold, I envisioned our exotic planet and its multitude of global cultures and beautiful peoples.  The yin and yang, and the similarities and differences of our perfectly imperfect world, all seem to come alive in this fluid piece.  Moroccan Gold makes a fabulous statement and will look fantastic in your living room, bedroom, or as a welcoming entryway accent.

  Each of my glass fluid art pieces is a one of a kind production.  They are all lovingly crafted on premium-quality Tuscany glass with smooth edges, much like table top glass. Fluid Art is specially designed to be displayed on any drywall and includes anchors and “stand-off” pegs to keep the glass stable against wall surfaces.  The pegs also allow ambient light to reflect through the art at different angles, slightly altering the visual effect as the illumination in the space changes throughout the day.