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Glitzy skyline

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Glitzy Skyline

The skyline of Glitzy Cleveland is a three-dimensional piece of wood painted in black and treated with a secret sparkly and twinkly “sauce.” It is attached to a striking and ultra-sleek metal background. This high-end statement piece will look incredible in your living room or den, or in an office or bar environment. The work is hung and features ½” standoffs.

A word from Shirley:

Glitzy Cleveland is a contemporary twist on one of my favorite painting themes: my love for my great city! Cleveland has so much character and has played such an important part of our nation’s history that it’s easy to forget how up-to-date and modern it is. I designed Glitzy Cleveland to showcase the bold and sophisticated side of this fabulous town.

All Urban Art on Metal works are hung on ½“standoffs which add an extra dimension and visual interest to the piece. (They can also be hung flatter to the wall.) The backdrops are either sealed silver-tone metal with a ground-in design, or metal that has been painted over and sealed.