Cleveland Rusted Skyline - Shirley's Loft - 1
Cleveland Rusted Skyline - Shirley's Loft - 2

Cleveland Rusted Skyline

Textured Cleveland skyline on rusted wooden box.

A Word from Shirley:

One of the many reasons that I absolutely adore Cleveland is because it is constantly engaging and surprising me in new and exciting ways.  It’s that unexpected side of my beloved city that motivated me to create and paint Right Side Up Cleveland. Here’s a little known tidbit about Cleveland that surprised me: The first city in the United States to install a pedestrian button to control traffic lights was…wait for it….Cleveland!

 Urban Art pieces are painted on a two-inch-thick wooden box that has been expertly hand-crafted and will hang perfectly against any drywall or flat wall. In order to create the distinctive surface textures of the painting, I have perfected an innovative technique that is quite unique and creative. All Urban Art pieces are finished with a special no-sheen sealer and can be custom designed to your exact specifications, (including for exterior use).