Classic Cleveland - Shirley's Loft - 1
Classic Cleveland - Shirley's Loft - 2

Classic Cleveland


“Classic Cleveland” honors the great city by uniquely combining a little bit of homespun charm with a whole lotta elegant modern twists.  Your eye will immediately be drawn to the cursive writing in the center of the piece, and then dart up to the bright rust reverse imagery of the fabulous Cleveland skyline.


Like the other pieces in our Urban Art Collection, “Classic Cleveland” represents some of the true grit that is part of the Cleveland lifestyle.  It’s dramatic color scheme and extra large size makes it the centerpiece of any living room, den, entryway, or home/business office.


A Word from Shirley:


Talking about my wonderful city is one of my favorite things to do.  What can I say, I just love this town!  There is never a dull moment here, and there is always something new to enjoy and celebrate.  And we have such a rich history; did you know that a Cleveland disc jockey named Alan Freed was the person who coined the famous phrase “Rock and Roll” in the early 1950’s?  Cleveland at its best!


Urban Art pieces are painted on a two-inch-thick wooden box that has been expertly hand-crafted and will hang perfectly against any drywall or flat wall. In order to create the distinctive surface textures of the painting, I have perfected an innovative technique that is quite unique and creative. All Urban Art pieces are finished with a special no-sheen sealer and can be custom designed to your exact specifications, (including for exterior use).