216 - Shirley's Loft - 1
216 - Shirley's Loft - 2
216 - Shirley's Loft - 3


If you are a Clevelander and your area code is 216, that means you have been living in this wonderful city for a looonnnggg time; these three nostalgic numbers were the original area code! This ultra sleek piece will look amazing in your den, family room, man-cave, or a bar/pub/restaurant. The backgrounds of four perfectly symmetrical round wooden circles have been painted a rust colored hue with gray-toned writing. Each circle has been attached to a sheet of ground silver-toned metal and protected with a sheen-free sealer and is hung with four 1” standoffs. This particular item can be customized to hang either horizontally or vertically.

A Word from Shirley
Whenever possible, I love doing specialized work that has a very sentimental meaning to the patron who purchases it. That’s why I love working on this particular piece #216: it’s fully customizable and can be ordered to your exact specifications: different area code, a house number, a zip code, or a special date. Even your favorite lottery numbers--hopefully the winning ones!

Urban Art pieces are expertly hand-crafted and due to the standoffs, will hang perfectly against any drywall or flat wall. In order to create the distinctive surface textures of the painted areas, I have perfected an innovative technique that is quite unique and creative. All Urban Art pieces are finished with a special no-sheen sealer and can be displayed in exterior areas

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