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This Is The Day

IMG_4253 from Shirley's Loft on Vimeo.

This rusted, patina wooden cross on Metal



This is the Day that the Lord has Made!

Let us Rejoice and Be Glad in it!


We are living in a broken world, a world where it’s easy to forget who is in charge of everything that happens under the sun.  The “This is the Day” cross is the perfect daily reminder that we are not alone and that God has got our back.  If you are a person of faith, and are looking for a majestic way to express your beliefs, consider this striking work of sculpture and paint art. An inspirational hand-carved, wooden cross is painted in rusty copper tones and light green hues of patina and attached to a sheet of silver-toned ground metal that has been sealed. The work is hung and features ½” standoffs. It’s the perfect addition to your home or faith-based business, and can be personalized as a gift to your local community church.


A word from Shirley


It is not an exaggeration to say that I consider the works in my Faith Collection to be some of the most important and inspiring pieces that I offer to my clients. As a woman of faith, I recognize that any talent that I have, artistic or otherwise, comes from my Creator, and without Him, I am nothing.  There is no question that I feel called to express my faith through my art, and that’s why I enjoy sharing it with others.