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Ogechi ~ The Greatest of God's Times

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Ogechi ~ The Greatest of God's Times

 Ogechi-The Greatest of God’s Times is a beautiful painting that features a stunning and timeless image of a magnificent African woman. Ogechi is a wonderful depiction of traditional African history blended with today’s contemporary modern African culture.  She is painted on a sturdy wooden canvas.  The glimmering gold and rust tones are the perfect backdrop for the charcoal gray profile image of the regal Ogechi.


A Word From Shirley:

I am continuously amazed and awed by the rich history and unique story of African culture, and I have been since I was a young child.  In my mind’s eye, I imagine this graceful and stately woman both in her struggles and triumphs. My greatest wish is that everyone who views this incredible statement piece will join me in appreciating the majestic beauty of all African women.

This piece is from my African Collection titled Strong and Courageous. I feel called by God to make this art and focus on the people and culture of Africa. These pieces depict the beauty and strength of this land and it's people.  

Urban Art pieces are painted on a two-inch-thick wooden box that has been expertly hand-crafted and will hang perfectly against any drywall or flat wall. In order to create the distinctive surface textures of the painting, I have perfected an innovative technique that is quite unique and creative. All Urban Art pieces are finished with a special no-sheen sealer and can be custom designed to your exact specifications, (including for exterior use).