Cleveland Girl

There was a time when Cleveland was NOT on the upswing.

Jobs were scarce, opportunities…nowhere to be found. Families struggled to keep their heads above water. The situation seemed hopeless.
But, this is Cleveland…
And Clevelanders don’t quit. They work harder, get more creative, and find ways to turn the losses into wins. All around town, organizations and individuals are in the trenches, working in small pockets around Cleveland to lift the city up. We see evidence of many, many years of hard work all over our city.
We’ve got competitive sports teams that compete in beautiful venues. Creative’s and makers have filled retail spaces with their wares, made right here in Cleveland. Our art galleries are thriving, as is Playhouse Square. We’ve got restaurants galore. Our buildings have been reborn; the city is clean and pretty. There are trees, planters overflowing with flowers around the city. There are bikers, walkers, runners about. Cleveland is a busy, bustling place—there’s always something going on.
Where do I fit in?
I’ve always said I was a Cleveland girl. Born and raised here. I’ve spent a lifetime watching our sports teams, raised children here, and made my home here.
Like so many others, my family was hit hard by the economic downturn several years ago. And like so many others, we have fought through it, adapted our careers, and had faith that we would muddle through. And we have.
How does my art fit in?
Through life’s difficulties, I’ve channeled my emotions into my art. My Cleveland Art showcases my love for this great city. My Cleveland Art has an urban flair; I use materials to patina and rust it. I also incorporate metal, wood, glass, and other materials. My Cleveland Art is gritty, with a touch of sparkle at times. And each piece is durable, made to last. It is often purchased as a gift.
Legacy Village
I’m in Legacy Village all week until Monday July 12th with Cleveland Bazaar’s Retail Lab—and I’ve brought new Cleveland Art, Fluid Art, African Art and also Original Art and Prints by Amy Lauria, who works in my studio. Come see Shirley’s Loft in Legacy Village this week. Have lunch or dinner, enjoy a summer concert, and visit the shops. We are across the street from Restoration Hardware, near Bar Louie
Stop in and see Amy and I this week--we'd love to see you!! 

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