Shannon's SMASHING cancer Journey



Sharing my Sister’s Story…


It’s important that I share my sister’s story—it’s her story, but it’s a story many families will identify with.


My sister’s name is Shannon Sprankle Oldenburgh and she is a 43 year old a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and so much more.  In November 2015, just before Thanksgiving, Shannon was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, an aggressive, incurable, Triple-negative Breast Cancer.  She and her husband carefully and painstakingly looked at all options and consulted with specialists. They realized that traditional medicine offered just a 5% chance of surviving 5 years. 


After intense research and prayer, my sister decided to take a homeopathic approach.  Shannon’s husband is an eye doctor; he’s been to medical school and has many years of research experience. Their decision was a professional, well thought out decision with the consequences being life or death. This was not an easy decision; however it is one that they stand behind 100%. Based on research and prayer, they believe it is the right direction for Shannon. Most important, it is the decision that Shannon is comfortable and at peace with.


I am asking for your help. There are many ways in which you can help cure my sister of this dreaded disease. Prayer, good thoughts, financial help, and the sharing of her story.  We believe in prayer and trust in God’s plan.  Most of her treatment hasn’t been covered by insurance, and is paid out of pocket. Insurance will not cover any homeopathic treatment. 



All monies raised will go towards Shannon’s treatments.


Smashing Cancer Event/Fundraiser: Smashing Cancer Benefit for Shannon Sprankle Oldenburgh  A fun and informative family event to be held Sunday, March 13, 2016, at Dave and Buster’s in Westlake, Ohio.


Shannon’s GoFundMe page contains more detailed information about her diagnosis and treatments—and the family tries to keep it updated. It’s hard to ask for financial help. It feels as though it crosses the lines of friendship. I’d appreciate your taking a little time to pray for Shannon, for how you might help, be open to some way you can assist us, and that you keep our family in your prayers. If you feel any stress about financially helping, that probably isn’t how you are meant to help. I’m also asking you to share Shannon’s story. I believe that those who know about this will, quite honestly, be witnessing what appears a hopeless situation become a true, real life, miracle.  


As difficult as this storm has been for Shannon, our family—there have also been blessings too numerous to count. So many have given so greatly in prayer, good thoughts, financial help, and the sharing of Shannon’s story. There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation for the help.


Shannon, Dave and I will be going to Tijuana, Mexico to the CHIPSA Hospital for a 21-day hospital stay. We leave Wednesday February 17, 2016.  Dave will be travel between Cleveland and Mexico for the next several weeks, as he must see patients and continue working. His career enables him to earn money towards the treatments that can save his wife’s life. I will be staying at the hospital the entire time with Shannon. During part of the treatment, she will be very ill as her body attacks the cancer.  We ask for your prayers for safe travels, wisdom, faith, trust and healing. 


This is a video that was donated by a professional company to help Shannon share her story.  This is yet another example that People Are Good!



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With love and blessings,


Shirley Slemc

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