Sister's Smashing Cancer.


Sister's Smashing Cancer

We are about 39,000 feet flying over some amazing puffy white clouds en route to Phoenix Arizona.  My beautiful sister is battling breast cancer.  This is where the ETC. part of artist comes into play.  I am also a warrior, a cancer fighting warrior ready to attack this dreaded disease.  

Shannon and I are going to Sunridge Medical in Scottsdale, Arizona for treatments, I call it the Healing Pad.  While many things are still very new (and scary) in this cancer journey one thing is certain we are prepared to battle. 

As an artist when I face emotions like this big, bad, scary feelings that I have no idea where to put them or how to process them it sends me straight to my coloring box.  I find it so much easier to stare into a blank canvas allowing the art out.  For me art is my emotional release. It is my temper tantrum, my jumping for joy, it is love, it is God  It is my way of express feelings of joy, fear, the unknown.

 I know when I am next able to be in my studio the pieces of art that will unfold from this battle will have darkness where I hold fear and uncertainty and light where I feel grace and hope.  It will hold lightness that is representative of that indescribable sister love.

 As I sit here typing away looking at my little sister sort of nodding off to the white noise of the airplane, story after story passes through my consciousnesses. I can't help but feel like my younger me, smiling as think of Shannon's younger her and knowing that this big sister is a warrior a cancer SMASHING Warrior!  

I ask for your prayers and I send you my prayers.  I pray that you find your coloring box. It is my hope that you are able to release all of the stuff that is too big for your heart to hold things like love, joy, peace and the dark yucky things as well.  



Shannon, Wendy, Bryan and Me

just a few of

Shannon's cancer SMASHING WARRIORS


  • Jerry And Kelly Custer

    Shannon You are in our thoughts and prayers . We are warriors behind you a 100% to kick but and beat this cancer. You have a great support team and a husband , family that loves you dearly. Go Shannon!!! We Love You!

  • Mary Koyan

    Know I pray for you daily, even as I am in my own battle with a different illness!

  • Jenny Vilcheck

    Prayers are with you! I am ready to begin my own battle; Shannon is on my mind daily!!

  • Cathy Ruther

    My prayers are with you guys and your entire family. Keep strong warriors!

  • NAncy AMantea

    I will keep you sisters and families in my daily prayers! May God bless you

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